• Peel off masks with alginates
  • Body and face masks in biocellulose, tissue and hydrogel
  • Classic Preservatives
  • Certified Cosmos, Ecocert and Natrue preservatives
  • Preservatives-free antimicrobials
  • Thickeners and polymers
  • Natural waxes
  • Synthetic waxes
  • Vegan certified Wax, Palm Free, Organic, Colipa complies, Cosmos, Ecocert
  • Colored and micronized powders and clays
  • Vegetable and mineral exfoliants
  • Customizable exfoliators
  • Flowers for decoration
  • Vegetable oils, glycerin extracts, glycol and oil
  • Natural and synthetic dyes
  • Natural and synthetic pigments
  • Lakes, iron oxides, titanium dioxide
  • Active ingredients of plant origin; anti-aging, soothing and selective bleaching

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